Lift-Rite® Pallet Trucks

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Lift-Rite® Standard Pallet Trucks

Lift-Rite's® standard pallet trucks meet the needs of most modern materials handling environments. These pallet trucks provide operator productivity with great performance and reliability.  Our pallet trucks are ideal for warehouses, truck trailers, factories, retail, or transportation environments.  If you want dependability, you want a Lift-Rite® pallet truck.

Ergonomic handle - The contoured handle loop and coated control lever achieve operator comfort and superior load maneuverability.

Articulating Steer wheels - Imperfect or uneven floors are negotiated easily with articulating steer wheels maintaining proper load balance.

5,500 lb. Capacity
- A robust chassis design and high performance hydraulic pump provide ample load capacity for the heaviest applications.

Effortless pallet entry/ exit
- Heavy-duty pallet slides and bushing packed exit rollers form a perfect combination for smooth transition in and out of many different pallet types.

Optional skid adapter, backrest, and brake assembly
are available. See Options for Standard Pallet Trucks.

Exclusive Lift-Rite® 2 year hydraulic pump warranty.


Titan Pallet Truck
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Due to the recent increase in raw materials and fuel costs,
all pricing will be confirmed at time of shipment.

Model No. Capacity (lbs.)  Frame width (in.)  Fork length (in.) Fork width (in.) Weight (lbs.)
LCR55-A36 5,500 27 36 7 147
LCR55-A42 5,500 27 42 7 157
LCR55-A48 5,500 27 48 7 167
LCS55-A60 5,500 27 60 7 221
LCS55-A72 5,500 27 72 7 248
LCR55-B36 5,500 20.5 36 7 142
LCR55-B42 5,500 20.5 42 7 147
LCR55-B48 5,500 20.5 48 7 152
LCS55-B72 5,500 20.5 72 7 240

Special Widths and Lengths are available. 
Please call for pricing and availability.

The above pallet trucks are equipped with black nylon wheels and rollers. 

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Due to the recent increase in raw materials and fuel costs,
all pricing will be confirmed at time of shipment.

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